Wampum Bracelet 3 Row Matte Assorted


Wampum Bracelet  3 Row Matte Assorted

Our 3 Row Matte Glass Wampum bracelets are handmade just for us by Master Craftsman Andy Bullock. These handmade bracelets feature our Matte Glass Reproduction Wampum Beads in 7 different designs.

Each 3 Row Matte Glass Wampum Bracelet includes soft Deerskin Leather Lacing and Glass Crow Bead closures. They are adjustable, so one size fits all!

We stock these 3 Row Matte Glass Wampum Bracelets, so you may purchase a pair or several of these designs!

Choose from:

  • A. Red, Cobalt, White Cross
  • B. Red, Cobalt, White Diagonal
  • C. Purple, White, Cobalt Diagonal
  • D. Purple, Cobalt, White Cross
  • E. White, Turquoise, Cobalt
  • F. Turquoise, Cobalt, White
  • G. Cobalt, White, Turquoise, Red

Each of these bracelets are handmade, so the Deerskin Leather Lacing and Crow Bead colors will vary.

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