Wood Bowls


 Wood Bowls

Our Wood Bowls make perfect serving and storage tableware for Living History Re-enactors. These bowls are made with natural hardwoods.  Furthermore, our Bowls are oiled to prevent cracking. You will find them sanded smooth inside and ready to use.

The natural beauty and functionality of our these wood bowls will make them useful and attractive in your home, too! The natural wood looks warm and sturdy.  And because they are wood, unlike ceramic, they will not easily break!  Use one for a table centerpiece or to hold fresh fruit. You can make also one into the ‘basket’ part of a gift basket for an exceptional presentation!

Whether you are using them for your historically authentic camp, or as an alternative to baskets or ceramic bowls at home, you will be pleased with the looks and quality of these bowls.

Hand wash only.

Choose from 3 sizes:

  • 6″ diameter
  • 8″ diameter
  • 10″ diameter

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