Knife Sheath Quilled Walnut Dyed


Braintanned Deerskin Quilled Knife Sheath

You will delight in this Braintanned Deerskin Leather Knife Sheath Quilled Walnut Dyed.  The crafter created this sheath from Braintanned Deerskin Leather which he or she then dyed with walnut hulls. It features a quillwork panel of Natural, Black and Orange porcupine quills.  The crafter added two rows of lazy stitch beadwork with Turquoise Seed Beads above and below the quilled panel.  Two quilled loops hang from either side of the top of the sheath.  The crafter wrapped Natural, Black and Red porcupine quills around a piece of Deerskin Leather Lacing.  He or she added antiqued 1/2 inch Tin Cones to the bottom of each drop.

At the bottom of the sheath, the crafter attached a drop of walnut dyed Deerskin Lacing.  He or she wrapped the top of this drop with more Turquoise Seed Beads.  The crafter lined the inside with Rawhide.  Another piece of walnut dyed Deerskin Leather Lacing serves as a strap at the top. One of a Kind!

Native American Knife Sheaths

Decorated knife sheaths serve both functional and artistic purposes. Functionally, the sheath protects the knife blade from damage and provides a secure and convenient way to carry and store the knife. Artistically, the intricate quillwork showcases the skill and creativity of the maker and can reflect the cultural heritage of the crafter’s Native American community.  Crafters may decorate their knife sheaths using glass or metal beads, porcupine quills, wool and other items. They attach these to a base material, such as Deerskin Leather, Strap Leather  or fabric.

We got this Knife Sheath Quilled Walnut Dyed from a collection. You will see some insect damage on the quillwork.  It measures 9 inches  long x 3 inches wide.  Add it to your collection, or use it at your next event!  One of a Kind!

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