Pottery Clay Black on Black


Black on Black Clay Pottery with Matte Finish

This sturdy Black on Black Clay Pottery can hold small items for you or take a place in your pottery collection.  The potter shaped this bowl out of clay and then left to dry. He or she then polished the piece and etched the design on the side, which resembles waves or mountains. Next it was added to a kiln which was deprived of of oxygen which turns the pottery black. This Bowl has thick walls, so it is heavy and sturdy for its size. The potter signed the bottom Cathers. This Bowl has a 3″ diameter at the top and stands about 2″ high.  The rim measures .25″ thick.  One of a Kind!

Black on black pottery refers to a specific style of pottery that originated in the southwestern United States, particularly among the Puebloan peoples of New Mexico and Arizona. This unique pottery style is closely associated with the Pueblo cultures of Acoma, Hopi, and Zuni.

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