Pottery Acoma Polychrome Wedding Vase


Vintage Polychrome Acoma Wedding Vase

Add this vintage hand-coiled polychrome Acoma pottery wedding vase with a braided handle to your collection! The piece is unsigned, but has Acoma Sky City written on the bottom.  This acoma pottery stands  7 inches tall and approx. 5 inches at the widest point. This wedding vase has nice thin walls, no major cracks nor chips, although there is some discoloration. Is a beautiful piece for those who love older Acoma pottery. One of a Kind!

Several Native American peoples have used Wedding vases as part of the marriage ceremony. On a Wedding Vase, one spout represents the husband, the other the wife. The looped handle represents the unity of marriage.  The space created by the loop is the couple’s circle of life. Wedding Vases make a special gift for a new couple.

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