Jar Beaded Vintage


Vintage Beaded Glass Jar

You will enjoy using this Jar Beaded Vintage to store small items or to display in your collection!  The crafter started with a  small screw top glass jar.  He or she beaded geometric designs with Light Blue, White Center Red, Transparent Cut Dark Green, Mustard and Cut Metal Seed Beads on a White Seed Bead background.  The crafter added more beadwork in Red and Green on the bottom of the jar.  One of a Kind!

This Jar stands about 4.5 inches tall.   It measures about 9 inches in circumference around the widest part.  The top opening measures 2 inches in diameter.  The bottom measures 2.5 inches in diameter.  This Jar Beaded Vintage came from a previous owner.  You will see some dust inside and some minor bead loss around the top and a few places on the sides.  It is ready to hold your pens, small flowers, feathers or what have you!  One of a Kind!

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