Caribou Hair Art


Tufted Caribou Hair Art in Frame

Find a place in your home for this unique artwork from Canada.  Manitoba crafter Jessie Wastasticoot created this Caribou Hair Art  using multi colored caribou hair tufts.  In addition to tufted hair art, Jessie has also created caribou hair sculptures.  The delicate three dimensional flower and leaf designs pop away from the black background.  Jessie chose white, yellow, blue and pink for the flowers and buds with a soft green for the leaves.  On the back you will find a card that discusses Canadian Native Caribou Hair Tuftings and Sculptures.   The card is signed Jessie Wastasticoot  July 1996 Churchill Manitoba.

This caribou art comes in a wood frame with a glass front.  The frame measures about 12 inches x 10 inches and 1.5 inches deep.  We got this artwork from a collection.  You will see scratches on the wood frame.  Some of the colors on the tufting have faded.  It is best to display this piece out of direct light.  One of a Kind!

Canadian Natives use caribou parts for food, tools, weapons and needles.  They used the sinew for thread and the hide and hair for warm clothing.

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