Leather Accessories Bags


Deerskin Leather Accessories Bags

We make our Leather Accessories Bags here at the shop. We use soft Deerskin Leather and Deerskin Leather Lacing.  These Bags have drawstring tops. We embellish them with fringe and assorted Glass Crow Beads.

We make each Bag by hand, so allow for color and size variation.  Because we make them as needed, there may be a delay in shipping your order.

Choose the Bag you need to hold your Sage, Smoking Blend, Herbs. Flute or Pipe. We offer four sizes:

  • Flute Bag Approx.  24″ long – also makes a nice Pipe Bag for a longer pipe
  • Large Pipe Bag Approx. 18″ long
  • Personal Pipe Bag Approx. 11″ long
  • Botanicals Bag Approx. 7″ long

All Accessories Bags measurements are exclusive of the fringe.

Need something different?  Shop for more Bags!

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