Wampum Warp Lace


Wampum Warp Lace

We hand cut our Wampum Warp Lace right here in the shop.  This soft Deerskin Leather Lacing makes perfect warp lace for loom weaving. You will find it ideal for making wampum bracelets and belts. You can achieve a very traditional look with this hand cut leather lacing.

Because this product is hand cut, the lengths may not be one continuous piece. But we try to minimize breaks.

Our Warp Lace measures approx. 1/8″ wide. You can purchase it in 10 yard and 25 yard pieces. The colors will vary.  Please let us know if you need more than one length for your project so we can try to send you similar colors.

Want to try cutting your own Deerskin Leather Lacing?  Shop for Deerskin Leather and our Leather Lace Maker Tool!

Watch our YouTube Video on How to Use a Bead Loom!

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