Wampum Buttons & Conchos


2 and 4 Hole Real Quahog Wampum Buttons & Conchos

Gorgeous wampum makes wonderful Buttons! A large Wampum Button will make a lovely alternative to a Concho or Abalone Disc!

The thickness of shell required to create our large two hole buttons makes them less common. We also offer conventional 4 hole buttons for shirts, bags or whatever you wish!

We offer 2 styles and 4 sizes:

  • 30mm (approx 1-3/16″) 2 hole style
  • 35mm (approx 1-3/8″)  2 hole style
  • 12mm  (approx 0.47″) 4  hole style
  • 15mm  (approx. 0.60″) 4 hole style

Try our Wampum Buttons and Conchos as a delightful alternative to metal or bone.  Who says buttons have to be boring? Try some wampum buttons on your next project!

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