Hand-painted “Owl” Feathers


Hand-painted “Owl” Feathers

Hand Painted Owl feathers make great Fans, Scalp feathers, and award gifts! You will love their great looks!  The crafter paints white Turkey feathers by hand, therefore no two are alike. Photos are representative samples only.    These feathers measure 9inches -10 inches long.  We have limited stock of these finely painted ‘owl’ feathers available.  Shop for yours today!

When you order multiple feathers we will make sure you get rights and lefts.  Order in multiples of 5 and we will send Fan Sets (2 rights, 2 lefts, 1 center).  Each style is $6.50 for one, $6.25 each when you purchase more than one.  We have Limited Quantities of these Hand-painted “Owl” Feathers available.

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