Hand-painted “Eagle” Feathers


“Eagle” Style Handpainted Feathers

Unique Hand-painted turkey feather to look like “Eagle” Feathers make great Fans, Scalp Feathers, and award gifts! You will love their great looks! These are all hand painted, therefore no two are alike. Photos are representative samples only.

The Hand-painted “Eagle” Feathers average 12″ long.  When you order multiple feathers we will make sure you get rights and lefts.  When you order 2 or more feathers the retail price reduces to $6.25 per feather.

Choose from 4 styles:

  • 026A Immature Golden – A 1st year
  • 160A   Semi-Mature Golden
  • 158A    Mature Golden
  • 157 Semi-Mature Bald Eagle (limited quantities –  all right side)

Traditionally Native Americans have used feathers from a variety of birds.  They use them to decorate their clothing, jewelry, accessories and as tools, like Smudge Feathers.  While it is fine to own and use Turkey Feathers, it is unlawful to possess real Eagle, Hawk and Owl feathers.  You can still get the look of a beautiful Eagle feathers for your projects with our hand-painted look-alikes.

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