Doll Hopi Style Cloth


Cloth Hopi Style Doll with Felt Shoes

This Doll Hopi Style Cloth will make a unique addition to your collection. The crafter made her body from off white cotton fabric.  The doll wears a calico fabric underdress and a knee length wool manta overdress with yarn trim and a lace hem.  A piece of ribbon serves as a belt for the manta.  Over it all, she wears a fabric cape.  The crafter made her boot style shoes from black and white felt. He or she embroidered her facial features and added traditional Hopi hair buns made from yarn to her head.  She does not wear any jewelry.

Hopi women traditionally wear dresses known as “mantas” or “kilts.” They often make these garments with cotton or wool which is woven on a traditional loom. Hopi mantas can feature bold geometric patterns and designs.  The stuffing inside this doll is dense so she is heavy for her size.  She stands about 12″ tall. Her body is intact and in overall good condition.  You will find her clothing in good condition as well. She does have minimal signs of wear.  One of a Kind!

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