Breech Cloth Beaded Red


Beaded Red Wool Breech Cloth

Add this Breech Cloth Beaded Red to your dance clothes!  The crafter used Red Wool with Black Bias Tape Trim.  He created a beaded design using (mostly) White Seed Beads.  Double Curve designs appear above a series of arrow designs.  The crafter accented the Double Curve designs with a real Quahog Wampum Disc at the top.  Nine real Quahog Wampum Beads accent the row below.  Bright red fabric lines the back side. This Breech Cloth measures 62 inches long and 11 inches wide.  We got it from a collection.  It is in like new condition. One of a Kind!

Breech Cloths (also known as Breech Clouts) are lengths of fabric or leather. Native American men traditionally wear breech cloths (or breech clouts) alone or with Leggins.  A Breech Cloth goes between the legs. The front and back are draped over a belt or Leather Lacing tie. They provide protection for sensitive areas of the body while allowing for freedom of movement, especially important for activities like hunting  and dancing. Men can wear them plain or decorate them with Brooches, Beadwork or ribbon work.  They can also cut them from a wool blanket with a striped selvedge edge, and the stripes will serve as decoration.

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