Whimsy Beaded Star Pillow


Beaded Whimsy Pillow with Bird Design

This Whimsy Beaded Star Pillow will look fabulous displayed in your home!  The crafter made this beaded  Whimsy with light red fabric.  Then he or she created the multi colored bird design with sparkling Cut Seed Beads in Transparent Blue, Transparent Yellow, Transparent Dark Blue and Transparent Red.  White and Transparent Gray Seed Beads finish the design with two Green Tile Beads.  For the arms of the star, the crafter used Turquoise, Red, Clear, Transparent Amber and Cut Royal Blue Seed Beads.  Each arm has a loop of Turquoise Seed Beads hanging from it.   On the back, you will find red fabric that may not be original to the piece.  At the top, someone added a light blue ribbon that you can use to hang the pillow for display.

This Whimsy Beaded Star Pillow measures approximately 5 inches across at the widest points.  There is no obvious bead loss and the hanging loops are intact.  It is in very good condition for its age.  One of a Kind!

It is a classic example of the Beaded Whimsy tourist souvenirs made by Native American crafters in the border regions between Canada and the United States.  Native American beaded whimsies refer to small decorative items or trinkets that  Native American artisans hand craft using intricate beadwork techniques. These ‘whimsical’ creations often come in practical shapes and styles like pincushions, match holders, picture frames, needle cases, bags and small decorative cushions.  One of a Kind!

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