Moccasins Child’s Iroquois Style


Antique Iroquois Style Child’s Beaded Deerskin Moccasins

Add these antique Moccasins Child’s Iroquois Style to your collection. The crafter made these moccasins with tobacco colored Deerskin Leather. He or she added black fabric cuffs with a red ribbon to the top.  Then the crafter created the classic Iroquois raised beadwork botanical design to the vamps.  He or she used Clear, Transparent Green, Transparent Amber and Transparent Red Seed Beads to create the design.  A couple of Brass Sequins accentuate it.  Rows of White Seed Beads edge the vamp.   The crafter also added two rows of White Seed Beads to the edge of the fabric cuff.   Beige colored fabric lines the inside of the back part of the moccasins.

We got these Moccasins Child’s Iroquois Style from a collection.  They do not show much wear, but you will see tears in the fabric of the cuffs and the inner lining.  The beadwork remains intact.  We are selling these as collectible only.  One of a Kind!

This style of moccasins were made by using one piece of  Deerskin leather for the bottom and then adding the vamp and cuff. Later as the bottom became worn, the vamp and cuff could be removed and attached to a new piece of leather.

These moccasins measure about 5.5 inches long x 2.5 inches wide at the middle with a smaller pointed toe. One of a kind!

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