Moccasins Antique Iroquois Style Brown


Antique Iroquois Style Softsole Deerskin Moccasins

For the collector!  The classic style beadwork on these Moccasins Antique Iroquois Style Brown makes them a collector’s delight.  The artisan made these soft sole moccasins with tobacco colored Deerskin Leather with puckered toes.  He or she added brown velveteen cuffs and vamps. The crafter beaded a classic floral design on the vamps with 8/0 Pony Beads in complementary colors. Transparent Red pairs with Cheyenne Pink, White pairs with Clear, Crow Pale Blue pairs with Pony Trader Blue, Dark Green pairs with Transparent Cheyenne Green and Greasy Yellow pairs with Transparent Amber.  A few brass sequins accentuate the design.  Two rows of White Seed Beads surround the floral design.

The velveteen cuffs feature zigzag designs in Transparent Amber.  Two rows of White Seed Beads surround the zigzags.  The crafter edged the cuffs with red fabric. He or she also lined the moccasins with cotton fabric.

These Moccasins Antique Iroquois Style Brown came from a collection.  They show minimal signs of wear. You will see some of the beads have been lost from the vamps and the fabric is worn in places.  The edges of the vamps look tattered. We are selling these as collectible only.  One of a Kind!

These moccasins measure about 10.75 inches long x about 3.5 inches wide.  They stand about 3 inches high at the cuff.  One of a kind!

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