Bandolier Amber & Nickel


Bandolier Set of 2 with Amber & Nickel Beads

Wear this set of two Bandolier Amber & Nickel to your next event!  The crafter made these Bandoliers with Nickel Metal Beads, Amber Fire Polish Beads and plastic Hairpipe. Strap Leather Choker Spacers divide the sections. The crafter strung them on Imitation Sinew. He or she used 4 inch long plastic Hairpipe.  Several American pennies hang from the bottom.   One of the pieces has 2 rows that are each about 1 inch wide. The other has 3 rows that measure about 1.25 inches wide.   They measure 41 inches long. You will see that some of the Nickel colored beads have lost their shine.  One of a Kind!

A Native American bandolier  is a decorative accessory worn across the chest by various Native American tribes.  This pair of Bandolier Amber & Nickel came from a collection. A previous owner wore them so you will see signs of use.  You will find them in good, usable condition. We are selling them as a set of two. One of a Kind!

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