Water Bottle Basket ApacheWater Bottle Basket Apache
Water Bottle Basket Apache

Water Bottle Basket Apache

Water Bottle Basket Apache

This twined basketry Water Bottle resembles those the Native Americans of the Great Plains made out of necessity.  They demonstrated great skill in weaving tight cylindrical baskets to carry and store water. Sometimes they lined the inside of the basket with pitch to ensure that they would be water tight.
We acquired this Apache Water Bottle in a collection.  It looks like the Basket maker covered it with red ochre.  On the outside you will see dried resin that has seeped through the spaces in the fiber. You will see where the handles have come off.  This Water Bottle will not stand upright on its own.
We believe it comes from the turn of the 20th century.  The pitch lining has disintegrated and you will see a fine red powder inside. Structurally, this basketry bottle remains in very good condition. Add it to your collection and admire the workmanship!
Structurally it remains intact, except for where the handles came off.  It measures 15" tall.  The widest middle section measures 38" in circumference. The top opening measures about 5" in diameter.
One of a Kind!
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