Sweetgrass Basket with Lid

Sweetgrass Basket with Lid

This Sweetgrass Basket is handmade with thin sweetgrass braids woven through ash splints. This lovely little Sweetgrass Basket features green and light brown splints that give it an added decorative touch. This Sweetgrass Basket comes witha well-fitting lid. The Basket was probably made in the late 1970s. The SG Basket was found in a collection in Southern Ontario, Canada. It is in very good condition and it remains very sturdy with reinforced rims on the basket and the lid. Basket measures 4.5" across the top and stands a little under 3" tall. Sweetgrass is a native perennial grass. Can grow over 30 inches tall and arise from slender, Often it has a reddish-purple color near the base of the plant.  Sweetgrass grown on the coast near the salt water has a stronger aroma. Ash used for baskets is traditionally  black ash.  To process black ash tree bark is striped,  then black ash log is pounded until it starts to split at the growth rings.  Before you start using the pounded ash in baskets,  the satiny smooth inner surface is removed by scoring across the splint with a knife.  Dried ash can be re-soaked to use.    

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