Puzzle Pouch – Clear Beads
Puzzle Pouch – Clear Beads

Puzzle Pouch – Clear Beads

Puzzle Pouch - Clear Beads

This Antique Puzzle Pouch features clear beads and white beads. You will see a few clear green and a couple of pale blue beads, too. The artist used Braintanned Deerskin Leather and included a small 'fob' end decorated with white seed beads.  The artist added white edge beading to the flaps and the pouch itself.  You can still see the paper pattern that the artist used to lay out the design.
Puzzle Pouches date back to the late 18th century.  Their design keeps items from falling out of them. Native American crafters developed a multi-strip closure to keep the bags shut.  This design also makes it challenging to open if you do not know the secret.  These pouches often feature beadwork designs and sometimes ribbon trims.
This Puzzle Pouch measures 3.25" x 3".  The fob measures just about 0.5" long. The overall length is 6.25". A silky tassel is attached to the end as well.
Though previously owned, the beadwork remains lovely to look at. Beads have been lost on the fob and one side, but mostly along the edges.
One of a Kind!  

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