Pottery Antique Cochiti Clay Boot –Pottery Antique Cochiti Clay Boot –
Pottery Antique Cochiti Clay Boot –

Pottery Antique Cochiti Clay Boot –

Pottery Antique Cochiti Clay Boot

This charming clay Pottery Boot comes from the early 20th century.  The Native Americans from the Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico make shaped pottery like this Boot.  They also create the popular Storyteller figures.

The potter created this Clay Boot by polishing it then covering it with a white slip. He or she painted lines and dots on it with black paint. Then the potter covered the sole of the Boot with a red slip.   The inside of the Boot remains plain.

A previous owner had this Clay Boot in a collection.  You will see the remains of a label stuck on the vamp. The word 'pottery' is legible. We are not sure what the other word is.  Someone tried to remove the label and a little of the paint came off with it, so we left the rest of the tag there.  You will also see dust on the inside and top of the Boot. Structurally it remains in very good condition.

This Clay Boot measures about 4" long  and 2.75" wide.  It stands just about 2" tall.
One of a Kind!
Read the Denver Art Museum Leaflet on Pottery of the Southwestern Tribes.
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