Blanket Strip – Antique Cheyenne StyleBlanket Strip – Antique Cheyenne StyleBlanket Strip – Antique Cheyenne StyleBlanket Strip – Antique Cheyenne Style
Blanket Strip – Antique Cheyenne Style

Blanket Strip – Antique Cheyenne Style

Blanket Strip - Antique Cheyenne Style

Add this Antique Cheyenne Style Blanket Strip to your collection or attach it to a Blanket or Robe!  The crafter made this Blanket Strip in the early 1900s.  He used Braintanned Deerskin Leather and real Deer Sinew to create this Blanket Strip.  He used Lazy Stitch to attach the White, White Center Red, Cobalt Blue, Greasy Yellow and Pony Trader Blue Seed Beads to create the design and the Rosettes.  Then the crafter added 3/8" Nickel Spots all along the outside edge.  One end of the Strip has a Brass Metal Ring attached to it.
At a later time, someone added 22" long drops to the center of each Rosette.  These drops are loaded with elaborate features.  Three of the four have 0.75" Stamped Nickel Conchos attached at the top.  Each drop features exquisite 3 Bead Peyote Stitch cuffs.  The crafter used 13/0 Cut Beads in White, Periwinkle, Transparent Red, Transparent Yellow and Transparent Green to create the design.  He or she sewed them with thread.  Each of these drops measures about 1.75" long.
The crafter strung Beaded Cuffs on a double strand of 3/8" wide Braintanned Deerskin Leather Lacing.  Each strand of Lacing comes with Edge Beading in White and Transparent Red Cut 13/0 Beads. Nickel Metal Beads appear at each end of the cuffs.
The Native Americans of the Northern Plains created Beaded Blanket Strips in the mid 19th century. Blanket Strips originated as a means to cover the seam when two Braintanned Buffalo Hides were sewn together to create one large robe. Eventually, Native American crafters used wool Trade Blankets for robes. They added their beaded strips to them in a purely decorative manner.
You will find this Blanket Strip flexible enough to attach to a blanket or robe.  It does show some discoloration due to its age.  You will also see places where Beads have come off, especially along the Edge Beading on the drops.
This Blanket Strip measures 58"" long x 3.25" wide.  It comes with four Beaded Rosettes measuring 3.5" in diameter.
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