Legend Necklaces – Flying Eagle


Legend Necklaces – Flying Eagle

To make our Legend Necklaces, we string base metal pendants on hand cut deerskin lace with glass crow beads to make a fun totem necklace. Each necklace comes with a descriptive Legend to make a unique gift or award.

Flying Eagle – A symbol of strength and honor.

Also available in:

  • Turtle – According to Iroquois Legend, the world was formed on the back of the turtle.
  • Arrowhead -Symbolize bravery and successful hunting.
  • Eagle Feather – Eagle feathers were given in recognition of brave deeds.
  • Eagle Head – A symbol of strength and honor.
  • Chief – The leader and spokesman of the Native American.
  • Fox – According to legend, the fox possesses great speed, cunning, and good hunting ability.

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