Earrings Conch Shell


Conch Shell Disc Earrings with Clip Backs

These pink Earrings Conch Shell will delight someone who doesn’t have pierced ears.  The crafter made them with one inch diameter Conch Shell discs.  He attached a single White Pony Bead to the top of each.  They hang from clip on style earring backs.  One of a Kind!

Pink conch shells come from the queen conch (pronounced “konk”), a large marine mollusk with a scientific name Strombus gigas. Many people are attracted to their distinctive pink coloring. Crafters use queen conch shells in various decorative and ornamental applications. They are particularly popular as souvenirs and in traditional crafts. Due to overharvesting and habitat destruction, queen conch populations have declined in some areas. In response to these concerns, there are regulations and conservation efforts in place to protect these mollusks and their shells.

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