Wampum Freeform Earrings


Wampum Freeform Earrings

Adorn your earlobes with these Wampum Freeform Earrings! Each 1/2″ Wampum pendant dangles from a Sterling Silver French Hook. These teardrop shaped earrings are freeform shapes, so no two are exactly the same.

Native Americans who live on the Northeast Coast of North America harvest Quahog clams from the waters of the Atlantic. Quahog shells thrive in the waters from Cape Cod south to New York. Native crafters carve the beautiful purple and white shells into pendants and beads.  Historically, these Wampum beads functioned as exchange items for the Northeastern Native Americans.

Today, skilled crafters use Quahog Wampum to create pendants, cabuchons and beads for contemporary jewelry.  At The Wandering Bull, LLC , we proudly offer a selection of Wampum earrings and pendants. We also provide you with Wampum beads, hairpipe and tubes so you can fashion your own creations!

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