Pottery Large Signed J Diaz


Large Southwestern Style Pot Signed J Diaz

If you have a Native American Style pottery collection, this Pottery Large Signed J Diaz could be the new centerpiece.  The potter covered this hand coiled pot with a white slip base.  Then he or she added repeating cross-hatch  designs to the outside with yellow and black slip.  The potter also added a band of red slip to the rim of the pot and painted the bottom with red slip.  The potter signed the bottom J Diaz. This large pot will be an ideal display piece for your home or collection.  Or you can also use it for a dry floral display.   One of a Kind!

 Native American Pottery

Native American potters in the Southwestern United States make traditional style pottery. Their pottery usually features very thin walls, a desirable characteristic. Many of these artists create their pottery using hand coiled techniques. They often use slip colors in Black, White and dark Red.

This Pottery Large Signed J Diaz stands approximately 8 inches tall.  The top opening measures 7.5 inches in diameter.  The width of the jar extends to about 12.5 inches.  The bottom diameter measures just 2.75 inches in diameter.  We got this piece from a collection.  It is in very good condition with no cracks, chips or missing paint. You will see some dust inside. One of a Kind!

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