Hood Beaded Red & Blue


Wool Hood Beaded Red & Blue with Fabric Lining

Dress up your dance outfit with this Mic Mac style Hood Beaded Red & Blue. The crafter made this traditional headwear with a combination of bright Red and Blue wool fabric. He used bright yellow ribbon on the edges and the seam between the wool pieces. Both the side and bottom feature beaded designs the crafter made with White Seed Beads.  On the yellow ribbon trim, the crafter attached pairs of Baby Blue Seed beads. He lined the inside with a floral patterned fabric.

Native Americans from the Northeast wear peaked caps or hoods like these.  Crafters often decorate them with beads or ribbonwork, but they can also leave them plain.  This Hood Beaded Red & Blue measures 19.5 inches to the top of the peak and 8.75 inches wide (lying flat).  This Hood is in new condition.  One of a Kind!

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