Bag Double Curve Design


Black & Red Wool Bag with Beaded Design

Carry small essentials with this eye catching Bag Double Curve Design!  The crafter used Black Wool for the front of the bag and Red Wool on the back.   He beaded a Double Curve design on the front with  Turquoise, Yellow, Dark Red and Cobalt Blue Seed Beads. Rows of White Seed Beads appear around the edges of the bag.  Then the crafter covered the edges of the bag with red bias tape and lined the inside with a red patterned red fabric. On each corner he added 1.25 inch Brass Cone and Light Blue Pony Bead drops.  The crafter made the strap with 0.75 inch wide red fabric.

Native Americans of Northeastern North America frequently used the Double Curve Motif design on clothing, bags, birchbark containers and other items. The basic twin curves can be ‘filled in’ with a variety of design elements.

This Bag Double Curve Design measures 6.75 inches  x 5.75 inches.  The beaded design measures 4.5 inches x 3 inches.   The strap measures approximately 30 inches long.  We got this bag from a collection.  It is in like new condition.  One of a Kind!

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