Leggins – Child’s Eastern Woodlands Style


Child’s Eastern Woodlands Style Leggins

We have one pair of Child’s size Eastern Woodlands Style Leather Leggins available.

Eastern Woodlands Style Leggins come up just above the knee with side flaps that are suitable for you to add your own painting or beadwork.  Attach them to a belt with the included Deerskin Leather Lacing ties.  Traditionally, crafters made leggings from tanned animal hides.  These provide durability, flexibility, and protection against the elements.  Crafters may also embellish them with decorative elements like fringe, beads, quillwork, or painted designs.  Native American leggings can serve both practical and cultural purposes.  The way they are designed and decorated can have tribal or functional significance.   Wearers can pair them with a fabric or wool Breechclout or a Leather Apron.

The crafter made these Leggins from Smoke colored Top Grain Deerhide Leather. They measure 18.5″ long from ankle to the top.  The ankle measures 5.75″ (flat, about 10″ circumference) with 2.5″ of side flap.  At the top, they measure 7.25″ (flat) with 2.75″ of side flap.   A petite woman could also wear these Leggins.  One of a Kind!

We also offer Leather Aprons.

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