Dance Shawl Fabric Blanks


Traditional Native American Dance Shawl Fabric Blanks

We have a White hemmed Mini Dance Shawl Blank that measures approximately 28″ x 60″. 

and One of a Kind Full and Mini Dance Shawl Blanks. Please read the description under each for dimensions and weight


The Wandering Bull, LLC sells Native American Dance Shawl Fabric Blanks for those who want to make their own shawl and save money. Our Blanks are made from polyester gabardine blend (unless otherwise specified).  They come hemmed on all sides.  You may see the factory edge on the back side of the shawl. They measure approximately 58″ x 64″.

We will include a copy of our Dance Shawl Instructions when you order Dance Shawl Fabric Blanks.   Click here for Dance Shawl Fringe.  Need a Needle to attach the Fringe?  Click here for a Tapestry Needle.

The color selection for our Fabric Blanks changes regularly.  Please note that the colors shown are an approximation of the actual color. Shades will vary.

Most women wear Dance Shawls into the Powwow Circle. Dance Shawls can be simple fabric blanks with chainette or ribbon fringe.  Some women create elaborately decorated shawls for Fancy Dancing.  They embellish their shawls with ribbonwork, embroidery or beadwork.

If you have questions or if you have a large order, just call! 1-800-430-2855.

Need something right away? Click here to see our Ready to Wear Native American Dance Shawls!

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