Pony Beads 5/0

Pony Beads 5/0


Pony Beads are larger than seed beads, but smaller than Crow Beads.   Pony Beads get their name from the pony and mule trains that brought these beads to Western North America. Pony Beads were available to the Native Americans of the Plains before the introduction of seed beads.

5/0 Pony Beads are the larger of the pony beads.  5/0 Pony Beads measure approx. 5mm with 2mm holes. There are approx. 300 beads per oz.
Purchase 5/0 Pony Beads in ounce or 1/2 kilo packages.   Color #  028 Antique Frosted White only available in ounces.

If you are looking for a smaller Pony Bead, click on the link below for  8/0 Pony Beads.

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