Seed Beads 10/0 White Pearl


White Pearl Seed Beads 10/0

Bead lot:

10/0 white pearl seed beads.  Opaque 10/0 white glass seed beads  finished with a pearlized sheen.  28 ounces total weight on this lot.  They are made into 9 complete necklaces, the necklaces measure 12 inches long with the clasp.   These necklaces have three sets of 10 stands (30 stands total) per necklace.    You could use the necklaces as is or cut the beads off for your next bead project.

Czech Seed beads are small round glass beads that come in a wide range sizes, colors and finishes making them versatile for different beadwork techniques. Czech Seed Beads are the finest, most uniform sized beads and are ideal for Native American beadwork and crafts. We sell  Czech seed beads by the hank.  A hank is a series of strings of beads with a total length of 240 inches or an equivalent weight.

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