Czech Glass Crow Beads


Crow Beads from the Czech Republic

We have limited quantities of LUSTRE YELLOW CROW BEADS. Get them while they last!

The Czech Republic makes 9mm Glass Crow Beads known for their uniform size and shape.  Crow Beads are among the largest glass beads used by Native Americans for jewelry, fringe and other embellishments.  You can use them to decorate Dreamcatchers, Leather Lacing on Necklaces, or string them for simple necklaces.

The holes for these  Beads measure approx. 3mm wide.  They will accommodate 1/8″ Deerskin Leather Lacing or smaller Round Leather Lacing.

We offer them in packages of approx. 100 or 1000 beads!

Please keep in mind that colors are difficult to show on computer screens and colors can vary.  Remember to order enough of a color to complete your project because individual dye lots will vary.

We also offer India Crow Beads. These show less uniformity in color and shape.  They  lend a nice old-fashioned look to your projects.

Read More About Style of Beads in our article Beads Used by Native American Crafters

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