Bone Beads Round


Bone Beads Round

Natural Bone Beads come in a creamy color.  Use them to make necklaces, chokers and other jewelry.

The hole in the Bone Beads is not as large as the hole in our Glass Crow Beads. The hole will easily accommodate thread or sinew, but it will not take most Deerskin or Suede Leather Lacing.  The 4 mm Beads have 1 mm holes, the others have 2 mm holes.

Sew them on clothing with heavy thread or sinew.

We sell these Beads in packages of approximately 100 beads. (6mm have approx 75 beads, 8 mm have approx. 55 beads) . Choose from 4 sizes.

  • 4 mm
  • 6 mm (approx. 75 beads on a strand)
  • 8 mm (approx. 55 beads on a strand)
  • 10 mm

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Read More About Style of Beads in our article Beads Used by Native American Crafters

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