Roach 6″ with SpreaderRoach 6″ with SpreaderRoach 6″ with SpreaderRoach 6″ with SpreaderRoach 6″ with SpreaderRoach 6″ with SpreaderRoach 6″ with Spreader
Roach 6″ with Spreader

Roach 6″ with Spreader

6" Deer and Horse Hair Roach with PVC Spreader

SOLD This Roach 6" with Spreader comes ready to wear!  The crafter made the 6 inch long in and out Roach with long Black Horsehair and Red Deer Tail Hair.    The Horse hair mimics the look of a Roach made with black Turkey Beard Hair.  The crafter attached the hair to a red base.  It comes complete with an etched PVC Roach Spreader.  The crafter carved out diamond and arrow sections.  Then he etched black dots and lines on it.  Use the copper wire to attach a Feather and the Deerskin Leather Lacing to tie it to your head.   The Roach measures 6 inches long with 5 inch long hair.  The Roach Spreader measures 4.75 inches long and 2.25 inches wide.  The vertical tube stands 1.5 inches tall.  We got this set in a collection.  It is in very good, usable condition.  One of a Kind!
Crafters make Native American Roach headdresses from a variety of hair including Porcupine Hair, Deer Tail Hair, Turkey Beard Hair and Horse Hair. Porcupine hair roaches are a traditional male headdress of a number of Native American tribes in what is now New England, the Great Lakes and Missouri River regions.
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