Dance Stick Wood HorseDance Stick Wood HorseDance Stick Wood HorseDance Stick Wood Horse
Dance Stick Wood Horse

Dance Stick Wood Horse

Dance Stick Wood Horse

This Dance Stick features a horse design. This Dance Stick includes reins made from Deerskin Leather Lacing and 1" Tin Cones. The artist added Brass Tacks to the center and used them for the Horse's eyes. Wool embellishments and Deerskin Leather Lacing with a Turkey Feather, Horsehair drop, Bells and a Deer Dew Claw decorate the middle of the staff.  The handle end comes with strands of Clear Amber and Clear Red Seed Beads.
You will find this Dance Stick to be quite hefty.  It measures about 29" long.  The widest part near the handle measures 6" in circumference. The widest part of the Horse's head measures 3".
A previous owner had this Dance Stick, but it remains in very good condition.  It looks like fabric or something that once surrounded the Horse's Brass Tack eye was lost. You will also see evidence of red paint that has worn away.
Native American dancers used individually crafted and decorated sticks to enhance the energy of their dance. They designed the Dance Sticks according to the type and purpose of their dance.  Today, collectors often display Dance Sticks in their homes.
One of a Kind!
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