Breastplate Plains StyleBreastplate Plains Style
Breastplate Plains Style

Breastplate Plains Style

Breastplate Plains Style

This Breastplate was made in the Plains style! The craftsman used white string to make this Breastplate with 4 1/2" Plastic Bone Hairpipe, 1 1/2" Plastic Hairpipe, Translucent Dark Green Mini Crow Beads, and Solid Brass Beads. Saddle colored Strap Leather Breastplate Strips divide the four sections of the Breastplate. Next, they attached a 3" Translucent Green plastic ring with 41 1/4" long green satin ribbon to the center of the breastplate. They also added an abalone concho with 1 1/2" plastic hairpipe and solid brass bead 5" long drops below the ring.
The craftsman strung brass beads and mini crow beads on the excess string at the top of the breastplate (see photo), then tied on Tan Deerskin Leather Lacing which serves as the neck chain. They knotted an additional 41" leather lace which wraps around the wearer to secure the breastplate.
This Breastplate measures 19" long and 13" wide. The overall length is about 32" long. You can adjust the Deerskin Leather Lacing to your preferred length.
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