Breastplate Oto StyleBreastplate Oto StyleBreastplate Oto StyleBreastplate Oto StyleBreastplate Oto Style
Breastplate Oto Style

Breastplate Oto Style

Breastplate Oto Style

Feast your eyes on the exquisite German Silver features on this Oto style Breastplate!  This Breastplate comes with two stamped Bear Paw cutouts and a stamped gorget-like pendant.  The crafter soldered a side view Bear Cutout to the front of the pendant.  Below he attached three concentric metal rings with two individual rings on the sides.
The crafter made this Breastplate with 1" Bone Hairpipe, dark Fire Polished Beads, Blue Crow Beads, and smaller Chartreuse faceted Glass Beads.  Saddle colored Strap Leather Breastplate Strips divide the four sections of the Breastplate.  On the sides, the crafter added Otter Tails.  To the bottom of these, he attached beaded drops.  Each features Seed Beads in Coral, Transparent Dark Green and Dark Aqua. These drops are finished with short lengths of multi colored ribbons.  Oil-tanned Leather Lacing serves as the neck chain.
The Oto Native Americans originated as part of the Sioux from the Great Lakes region.  They moved south and adopted a Plains lifestyle.
This Breastplate measures just 9.5" long (not including the Bear drop at the bottom) and 12" wide (including the Otter Tails).  The overall length is about 16" long. The side Otter Tails with beaded drops measure 21" long.  You can adjust the Oil-Tanned Leather Lacing to your preferred length.
One of a Kind!
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