Ball Club Wampum InlayBall Club Wampum InlayBall Club Wampum Inlay
Ball Club Wampum Inlay

Ball Club Wampum Inlay

Ball Club with Wampum Inlay

This Ball Club carved from maple wood features inlaid Wampum tube beads! Craftsman Chris Bullock carved out the slots along the length of the club, then set wampum tube beads in place with pine pitch. He sanded the wampum beads for a smooth and streamlined finish. It is similar in design to the club used by famed Wampanoag King Philip (also known as Metacomet), which features wampum and baleen inlays. You can see the original club at the Fruitlands Museum in Massachusetts.
This club measures 21 1/4" long and weighs 1.7 lbs!  The ball of the club has a 13 1/4" circumference.
One of a Kind!
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