Abalone Shell – Mini
Abalone Shell – Mini

Abalone Shell – Mini

Abalone Shell - Mini

We sell natural Abalone Shells to hold Smudging materials like Sage or Incense. Many people prefer to use a natural Smudge Bowl like a shell in Smudging ceremonies.
Our Mini Abalone Shells are perfect for our 3” Smudge Sticks! These will make perfect gifts or favors. Mini Abalone Shells measure approximately 4” across. They come in various shades of cream and gray. Buy 12 or more and save!
Our Abalone Shells come natural and untreated.  You can see the iridescent mother-of-pearl on the inside of the shell. You can also see the rough spot where the snail was attached to the shell. The shell comes with a line of small holes that allowed the snail to breathe.  The outside of the shell appears rough and bumpy. These are natural products, so expect variations in color and size.
Native Americans of the west coast have harvested Abalone for centuries. They consumed the meat and used the shells to make Beads, fishhooks and decorative items.
We also offer regular Abalone Shells and Scallop Shells.
Read more about Smudging Rituals!

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