Abalone Shells & Scallop Shells Broken Pieces


Abalone Shells & Scallop Shells Broken Pieces

Looking for natural Abalone Shell for inlays, jewelry or craftwork? We are offering our Broken Abalone Shells at a discounted price.  Each package will come with pieces from about 3 Abalone Shells. They may be mostly intact with chips broken off.  Use them for smudging or break them into smaller pieces for crafts.  Our Abalone Shells come natural and untreated.  You can see the iridescent mother-of-pearl on the inside of the shell. You can also see the rough spot where the snail attached to the shell. The shell comes with a line of small holes that allowed the snail to breathe.  The outside of the shell appears rough and bumpy. These are natural products, so expect imperfections and variations in color and size.

We also have limited quantities of chipped Scallop Shells. These are whole Shells with nicks or chips missing from the edges.  You can use them to burn White Sage or incense or to hold small items.  They come in a bag of 3 Shells.

Limited Quantities!

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