Deertan Leather Moccasin Kit


Beginner Moccasin Kit Deertan Leather

Deertan Leather Moccasin Kit features Deertan cowhide, which is very durable but soft like Deerhide. The Deertan Leather Moccasin Kit includes cut and pre-punched leather pieces. So you can lace them together with the included lacing! They come with cushioned insoles that are already attached, too!

These moccasin kits come in sizes estimated for Women.  The Extra Small size is about 8″ Long.  Therefore, Children’s sizes should be the same. For Men’s sizes, select 1-2 sizes larger.

  • Extra Small (4-5)
  • Small (6-7)
  • Medium (8-9)
  • Large (10-11)
  • X Large (12-13)

If you would like a more authentic type of moccasin, try our own Plume Eastern Woodland Moccasin Kit.  That kit includes Deerskin Leather and instructions to make a pair of moccasins that fit your measurements.

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