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Stamped Square Metal Cross Pendant

Crosses with arms of equal length are an ancient symbol. This nearly square metal Cross Pendant will add a historical look to your Dance Clothes or Regalia.  The crafter created it with Nickel metal and cut it into a cross shape. Then he added stamped designs, including QUEBEC and other motifs. The crafter includes his own mark, an ‘S’ inside a garland.

Native American trade silver refers to metal items that European traders and Native Americans used as a form of currency during the colonial period in North America. Indigenous people highly valued trade silver for its aesthetic appeal and symbolic significance.  Native American artisans also adapted the silver into their own unique styles, incorporating traditional motifs and designs into the silverwork.  Today, Native American trade silver continues to be highly sought after by collectors, historians, and enthusiasts. It represents a significant historical artifact that reflects the interactions and cultural exchange between Native American tribes and European traders during the colonial era.

This Pendant measures 4.75″ long x 4″ at the widest point.  It comes with a hole in the end with a metal ring so you can string it to wear around your neck.

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