Bone Feather Pendant Antiqued/Burnished


Bone Feather Pendant Antiqued/Burnished

We have perked up our Carved Bone Feather with an Antique/Burnished finish!  The finish brings out the carved detail of the Feather.  It comes with a hole drilled through the quill (as shown in the photo) so it will hang flat from a Necklace.  You can also sew them to Clothing or Bags.

Choose from two sizes!

  • 3.75″
  • 5″

We also sell these Feather Pendants in Natural Bone along with other sizes.  You can create an antiqued finish on any Bone Pendant by soaking them in brewed coffee or tea.

We sell these individually. You will get a quantity discount when you buy 10 or more.

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