Whimsy Beaded Box Red & Blue


Whimsy Beaded Box Red & Blue

A crafter beaded this Whimsy Beaded Box Red & Blue with transparent Pony Beads in Red, Green. Blue, Yellow, and Clear to create lazy stitch edging.  On each panel, the crafter made simple center designs with Clear Pony Beads and Gray Basket Beads.  On the bottom you will see several beaded loops made with Clear Pony Beads.

Each side of the Beaded Box is covered with either Red or Blue fabric.  The crafter lined the inside of the box with pink polished cotton.  The Box is intact. You will see insect damage in spots on the fabric on the side panels and minor bead loss.  The box has a six inch hanging loop made of two strings of clear beads. This box measures approximately 3.5″ long x 2.5″ wide x 2.5″ tall not including the beaded loops.

It is a classic example of the Beaded Whimsy tourist souvenirs. Native American crafters in the border regions between Canada and the United States at the turn of the 20th century created many of these whimsies for the tourist trade.

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