Dreamcatcher Natural Twig


Dreamcatcher  Natural Twig

Our Dreamcatcher Natural Twig  pays homage to rustic handcrafts. These Dreamcatchers are made by a Passamaquoddy artist. She uses natural wood, Imitation Sinew webbing and bead accents. The Natural Twig Dreamcatchers are finished with leather lacing, beads, natural and colored feathers.

Dreamcatcher Natural Twig  are available in four sizes. The sizes listed represent the ring size. All of these Dreamcatchers come with Leather Lacing drops with Beads and natural Feathers.   They also come with a Leather Lacing loop at the top for hanging.

  • 1″ – 2″
  • 2″ – 2.5″
  • 3″ – 4″
  • 5″ – 6″

Natural Twig Dreamcatchers are perfect for your cabin, primitive décor or as a gift for anyone who appreciates handcrafted items. The crafter makes each of these individually, so please allow for variations. No two will be alike.

The Wandering Bull, LLC has a limited supply of Twig Dreamcatchers,  Order yours while they last!

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