Basket Large Ash with Lid


Large Ash Splint Basket with Lid

This Basket Large Ash with Lid will make an attractive storage container or addition to your basket collection.  The basket maker created this basket with natural ash wood splints.  He or she incorporated some Yellow and darker Brown splints to create a design.  A wood handle makes it easy to carry.  You will see fading of the colored splints on the outside of the basket.   The lid and the bottom remain intact, though dusty.  This basket stands 12 inches high  with the lid on. (not including the handle).  It measures 15.5 inches long  x 10.5  inches wide..    We got the basket from a collection.  It is in good, usable condition.  One of a Kind!

Native American ash baskets are a type of traditional basket. Various Native American tribes use ash tree splints as the primary weaving material. These baskets are known for their strength, flexibility, and intricate weaving techniques. Ash baskets play a significant part in Native American culture.  People use them for various purposes, including carrying and storing food, gathering materials, and as trade items.  One of a Kind!

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