Basket Envelope


Two Piece Woven Envelope Basket

Add this unique two piece Basket Envelope set to your collection or use it to store small items.  The basketmaker who made this item wove two separate oblong baskets sized so that one fits inside the other.  He or she used Dark Red splints to create a geometric design on the outside Basket.  The inner basket is plain.   Both pieces come with natural fiber edging around the openings.  The larger Basket measures 7.5″ long x 4.5″ wide and about 2.5″ ‘thick’.  The smaller Basket measures 8″ long x 4″ wide and fits pretty tightly inside the other one.  We got this set from a collection.   We do not know the origins of this basket, but the material and style resembles baskets made in the Southeastern United States.  One of a Kind!

Native American baskets are a significant form of traditional art and craft that have been created by Indigenous peoples of North America for centuries. Basketmakers use various natural materials such as grasses, reeds, wood splints, and sometimes animal fibers.  Baskets come in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

One of a Kind!

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