Mighty Mini Bead Loom Deluxe


Mighty Mini Bead Loom Deluxe

Customers love our Mighty Mini Bead Loom Deluxe Kit!  It makes the perfect kit for you to use to start doing loomwork. Our Mighty Mini Bead Loom accommodates beadwork projects up to 2″ x 24″.

Its sturdy hardwood construction makes it ideal for headbands and bracelets. And you will love the compact size!

The kit includes our Mighty Mini Bead Loom, our updated American Indian Beadwork Designs booklet, a bobbin of Weft Thread, vial of  Beading Needles, 3 sheets of bead graph paper, 1 hank white 10/0 beads, 10 vials of assorted color beads, beeswax, 1 spool of warp thread and illustrated instructions.

Watch Chris show you how to Put Your Beadwork Loom together!

Then, Watch our Video below!

Click on this link to read more about bead looms!    Bead Looms History and Usage

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